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1 - University Administration

Updated: 7/23/2024

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

University of Oklahoma Board of Regents

University of Oklahoma Leadership 

OUHSC Administrative Structure 

Health Sciences Center Deans 

  • H. Anne Pereira, PhD, Graduate College
  • Jane Wilson, PhD, College of Allied Health
  • Paul M. Mullasseril, DDS, MS, College of Dentistry
  • Ian F. Dunn, MD, FACS, FAANS, Executive Dean, College of Medicine
  • Melissa Craft, PhD, (Interim Dean), College of Nursing
  • Melissa S. Medina, EdD, College of Pharmacy
  • Dale W. Bratzler, DO, MPH, Interim Dean, College of Public Health

Norman Academic Officers and Deans

Tulsa Academic Officers and Deans 

  • Susan Bynum, JD, Vice President, OU-Tulsa
  • James M. Herman, MD, MSPH, Dean, School of Community Medicine, Tulsa Campus


1.1 - The University of OklahomaUpdated: 6/3/2024

In 1890, 17 years before Oklahoma became a state, the University of Oklahoma (OU) was founded in Norman. Today, OU is a major research university that serves the educational, cultural and economic needs of the state, region, and nation.

OU is a gathering place for students and scholars from across the nation and around the globe. Nationally known academic programs and internationally recognized faculty attract outstanding students. The relatively low cost of attending the university adds to OU's international appeal. OU provides scholars outstanding research facilities and unique resources, including professors who are leading reasearchers and scholars in their fields. 

1.2 - University of Oklahoma Health SciencesUpdated: 7/23/2024

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences is the state's only comprehensive health center for training physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, public health specialists, biomedical scientists, and allied health personnel. The campus has approximately 4,000 students enrolled in more than 60 graduate, professional, and undergraduate degree programs. Faculty and students use the clinical, laboratory and teaching facilities of the Biomedical Research Park, OU Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Children's Hospital, l, Dean A. McGee Eye Institute, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, affiliated hospitals in Oklahoma City, the major teaching hospitals in Tulsa, the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Muskogee, and various affiliated hospitals and clinics in other locations in Oklahoma. OU Health Sciences is the educational core of a group of 26 public and private health care institutions and agencies that comprise the Oklahoma Health Center.

OU Health Sciences campus, located in Oklahoma City, is composed of seven colleges. They are:

We invite you to visit the university or contact us for further information about the wide variety of educational programs the OUHSC offers. For more information, visit the university's website at To arrange a visit to the campus, write or call:

Office of Student Affairs

David L. Boren Student Union

1106 N. Stonewall Avenue Room, Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
(405) 271-3606



1.3 - Office of Student AffairsUpdated: 6/3/2024

OUHSC Student Affairs serves to enrich students’ academic experience by building an inclusive community for all students; supporting emotional, intellectual and personal growth; facilitating professional development; and providing guidance toward a professional health career. HSCSA works with academic partners and staff across all 7 health professional colleges to enhance the student experience and is comprised of 10 core areas offering premiere out-of-classroom experiences that define HSC campus life.

OUHSC Student Affairs offers Prospective Student Services to identify and recruit students interested in health science careers as well as coordinating advisement for all OUHSC programs. They assist OUHSC colleges in publicizing their programs by attending career days at all Oklahoma colleges and universities, distributing program information guides, conducting campus tours, and working with all programs and schools from grade school to post secondary schools who wish to introduce students to the pre-health majors offered at the Health Sciences Center.

1.4 - Office of Recruitment & AdmissionsUpdated: 7/23/2024

The Office of Recruitment and Admissions provides services to students and faculty by maintaining accurate records of the academic progress and accomplishments of its students. Students are entitled to efficient and responsive treatment in admissions, registration and transcript services.

For questions relating to admission, enrollment or record/transcript process for prospective, currently enrolled or former students, refer to the web page or call 405-271-2359.

1.5 - International Student Services

International students may seek assistance in the Office of Admissions and Records concerning documents necessary for compliance with SEVIS, the Homeland Security Student Reporting System. This system electronically processes immigration applications, i.e., admission, departure/re-entry to the United States, extension of stay, transfer to other institutions, change of visa status, application for optional practical training pre- and post-practical, letters of certification for foreign exchange, etc. Requests for services should be made as early as possible in that the system delays are likely or probable.

The Office of Admissions and Records is located in the Robert M. Bird Health Science Library, 1105 N Stonewall, Suite 121. For further information, call (405) 271-2359. International applicants must contact Personnel Services at (405) 271-2189 for processing J-1 or H-1 visas. Additional information can be found at:

1.6 - Veterans Services

The Office of Admissions and Records provides certification of enrollment for students at the OUHSC who receive financial assistance through the Veterans Administration. Students enrolling at the OUHSC for the first time are encouraged to stop by the office or call (405) 271-2359 at your earliest convenience to begin the necessary paperwork for notifying the Veterans Administration. Additional information can be found at:

1.7 - Office of the Bursar

A financial obligation is incurred at the time a student enrolls in course work at this institution. Specific questions regarding payment of tuition and fees should be directed to the Bursar's Office at 865 Research Parkway, Suite 240, email The office is open 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, except for university recognized holidays.

1.8 - Office of Financial AidUpdated: 7/23/2024

Any student accepted for enrollment at OU Health Sciences may apply for financial assistance. For financial aid information or to obtain an application packet, contact the Office of Financial Aid, P.O. Box 26901, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73190. The Office of Financial Aid is located at 865 Research Parkway, Suite 240, (405) 271-2118 or email Entering students should apply for financial aid as early as possible.

Additional awards, loans, scholarships, fellowships, grants, and stipends are offered through individual colleges and departments at the Health Sciences Center. Please contact the college or department of interest for additional information.

1.9 - Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The OUHSC is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in the admission and education of students. This institution, in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but, is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services.
The Office of Equal Opportunity is located at 1105 N. Stonewall Ave (Library), Room 164H. Phone (405) 271-2110.

1.10 - Student Health Services

Students pay a Student Health fee each semester for a variety of medical services provided through the Student Health and Wellness Clinic in the OU Physicians Building, 825 NE 10th St., Suite 4A. For appointments, call (405) 271-2577. Staff at the Student Health and Wellness Clinic will make every effort to accommodate students' academic schedules.

1.11 - Student Health InsuranceUpdated: 7/23/2024

All OUHSC students are required to have health insurance. This may be obtained through the OUHSC student plan or a plan of their choice. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences provides the option to purchase a health insurance plan with a designated private insurance company. Individual, spouse, and/or family coverage may be obtained by any OU Health Sciences student. Applications for coverage may be obtained upon admission to the university. Details found at

1.12 - Robert M. Bird LibraryUpdated: 7/23/2024

The Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library is responsible for the resource materials and services necessary to support the teaching, research, and service missions of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences. The Library supports graduate, professional, and undergraduate study in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, and allied health. As the largest collection of medical information in the state, the library serves as a major information resource for health professionals and all citizens of Oklahoma. Details on services, the library collection and policies related to library use are available in the Library or visit the home page for the Robert M. Bird Library at:

1.13 - Information Technology

Information and communication solutions to enhance teaching, healing, and discovering are the challenge of Information Technology (IT) at OUHSC. IT offers a total information and communication solution, integrating networking, telecommunications, the Internet and intranet, enterprise and desktop database technology and applications. Enterprise solutions bring institutional and collegiate information from servers to the individual desktops of the faculty members, researchers, clinicians, students, staff, and administrators. For more information, visit the IT website.

Information Technology is committed to supporting teaching and learning through the innovation and implementation of dependable and responsive technologies and services. Working closely with the students, faculty and staff, IT provides the campus with comprehensive support solutions encompassing desktop computing, network services, telecommunications, and Internet technologies as well as the computer infrastructure and application support for University-wide services such as email, student administration, human resources, and financials.

1.14 - OUHSC Student Union

The OUHSC Student Union is located at 1106 North Stonewall. The Student Union is home to OUHSC Student Affairs, Financial Aid, the OUHSC Student Association, and the IT Helpdesk. The Student Union offers banking services including an ATM, a Food Court, a sand volleyball court and basketball court. Multipurpose rooms, including the Boren Lounge, offer students a quiet and relaxing place to study or chat with friends. While the OUHSC Student Union facility is devoted to the OUHSC community, the surrounding community utilizes the facility for meetings, retreats, parties, and wedding receptions. OUHSC Students are granted 24-hour access with a valid OUHSC Student ID. Please call (405) 271-3285 for more information.

1.15 - Fitness and Recreational ServicesUpdated: 7/23/2024

OU Health Sciences campus offers Fitness and Recreational Services free to students in the University Health Club located at 1000 N. Lincoln. Call (405) 271-1650 for information regarding fitness center operation times and policies regarding the center. Intramural programs, sponsored by OUHSC Student Affairs and the OUHSC Student Association offer students the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitions. For information regarding intramural sports, view the website at

OU Health Sciences students interested in utilizing the Huston Huffman Recreational Center on the Norman campus may choose one of the following options:

  1. Pay a semester facility fee at the center whereby the student's identification card will be validated to allow full access.
  2. Present a valid OUHSC identification card and pay a per visit fee.

The student must present a valid OUHSC identification for either option or the fee must be paid at the Norman campus.

1.16 - HousingUpdated: 7/23/2024

University Village located on OU Health Sciences campus in OKC, is available to all OUHSC students and operated by the University. University Village offers two-bedroom town homes and one-bedroom studio apartments. Residents enjoy gated parking, a game room, washers and dryers, and free Internet. Visit or call the University Village Manager at (405) 271-0500 for more information.

1.17 - Student Identification Cards

All OUHSC students must have an ID card. To obtain an ID card, report to the OneCard Office in the Service Center Building, SCB 118, 1100 N. Lindsay, Oklahoma City. For more information you may contact the office at 271-2980.

1.18 - Student OrganizationsUpdated: 7/23/2024

Student organizations must be registered with OUHSC Student Affairs. Registration allows students use of university facilities and services for decreased costs, ability to apply for OUHSC Student Association funding, and listing of events on the OUHSC Student Affairs web site. Approval of student organizations and activities are based upon such considerations as performance, educational purpose, and other criteria related to the goals and objectives of the organization, purposes of the activities and how they fit within the mission and scope of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences. Membership in student organizations cannot be restricted by gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age disability or veteran status. Membership may be restricted by academic area, educational level (undergraduate, graduate, professional, etc.) or other academic/professional status. Please visit the OUHSC student organizations webpage or call (405) 271-2416 for information regarding registration requirements and a complete list of registered student organizations.

1.19 - ParkingUpdated: 7/23/2024

Students are eligible to apply for parking in a designated parking lot operated by the University of Oklahoma. All students parking at the OU Health Sciences must have a current OUHSC parking permit. Special parking may be obtained for persons with physical disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Emergency telephones are located in strategic areas in the parking lot and parking personnel are available for assistance.

Current fees are found online at . Contact the Parking Office at 271-2020 for additional information. The Parking Office is located at 825 Research Parkway, Room 115, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

1.20 - Athletic Tickets

Each spring OUHSC Student Affairs coordinates with the OU Athletic Ticket Office in conducting a presale of season football and basketball tickets on the Health Sciences Center campus. Tickets to "away" and OU-Texas football games must be ordered at that time. Following the presale, season tickets are encoded into student ID cards. Away game tickets are disbursed by OUHSC Student Affairs located in Suite 300, Student Union. For further information, contact OUHSC Student Affairs (271-2416), the OU Athletic Ticket Office (325-2424) or OUHSC Student Services

1.21 - Academic Appeals

The responsibility for academic evaluation rests with the faculty. If a student believes he or she has been wrongfully and unfairly evaluated by an instructor, and if the student is not able to resolve the matter in conference with the instructor or the department chair, an appeal may be made to the appeals board of the college offering the course. Each college has an academic appeals board consisting of an equal number of students and faculty. Faculty members of the board are chosen by the faculty of the college for a term determined by the faculty. Student members of the board are appointed for a term of one year by the Dean of the college upon recommendations from the student body president. It is the primary function of a board to mediate or adjudicate disputes that have not been satisfactorily resolved at the department level. All thesis and dissertation appeals are heard by the Graduate College Appeals Board.

A board will hear a case only after an attempt has been made by the student and the instructor to resolve their differences, if necessary, in consultation with the department chair. If in the judgment of the board the case already has been satisfactorily resolved in the department, it may refuse the student a further hearing. Each board is given the responsibility of establishing its own rules of procedure. Such rules must be consistent with the full protection of the rights of all parties involved. Meetings of a board may be closed to the public.

If a board fails to achieve a settlement mutually satisfactory to the parties involved, it will recommend a means of settling the dispute to the executive committee (or comparable body) of the college, where final disposition will be made.

Further information regarding the University Academic Appeals Policy may be found in the Student Handbook, Section 2.1 and the Faculty Handbook, Appendix C.

1.22 - Academic Misconduct

The policy regarding dishonest work is detailed in the Academic Misconduct Code, which describes academic misconduct as (a) cheating (using unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise or on national board examination), plagiarism, falsification of records, unauthorized possession of examinations, intimidation, and any and all other actions that may improperly affect the evaluation of a student's academic performance or achievement; (b) assisting others in any such act; or (c) attempting to engage in such acts.

The code provides that the student's Dean shall be notified of the charge and the Dean shall notify the student. Notification of the Dean shall be in writing with a brief description of the evidence, and shall be made within 10 University business days after discovery of the incident, exclusive of University breaks or academic inter- sessions. The code outlines possible disciplinary actions, the provisions for a conference with the Vice Provost for Educational Services, and the request for a hearing or appeal. A complete copy of the Academic Misconduct Code is in Section 4.18 of the Faculty Handbook.

1.23 - Research ProgramsUpdated: 7/23/2024

Research is a critical mission of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences. It is vital to the growth, health and progress of the state of Oklahoma, region, and nation. Participation in research and creative activity projects is fundamental to a graduate student’s training and development. Research projects that include graduate students are conducted in all graduate programs offered at the university. Information about current research is available from the Faculty pages of each academic department. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact the Program Director in their academic program for information on research projects that will match their career goals and for opportunities to join these research teams.

For more information on these programs and others that may be available, please see the links in Chapter 5 of this document.

All research at OUHSC is compliant with federal, state and local regulations and guidelines. Details can be found at the OU Office of Compliance.

1.24 - Human Subjects in ResearchUpdated: 7/23/2024

All research involving human subjects or the use of data generated via human subjects research must be reviewed and approved by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to subject recruitment and data collection. All human subject research to be performed by faculty, staff, or students of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences must be reviewed by the IRB. The IRB’s primary roles are to determine if the rights and welfare of human subjects who volunteer to participate in research studies are adequately protected and ensure that adequate informed consent procedures are used. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences policy for the protection of human subjects in research activities and IRB application materials can be accessed at the IRB web site. If you have questions about compliance or the IRB approval process, you may contact the Office of Human Research Participant Protection at (405) 271-2045 e-mail

1.25 - Use of Vertebrate Animals in ResearchUpdated: 7/23/2024

All research performed on live vertebrate animals or teaching that uses live vertebrates must be described for review and approval by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to obtaining animals and data collection. The primary role of the IACUC is to assure compliance with the U.S. Animal Welfare Act and Amendments and to assure that animals receive humane care during procedures in accordance with federal regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare of the Public Health Service (OLAW/PHS). If you have questions on the IACUC policies and procedures, you may contact the IACUC office at (405) 271-7381 or visit the web site at:

1.26 - Patent Policy

The University of Oklahoma Intellectual Property Policy governs the ownership of certain inventions made by University students, staff, and/or faculty members. The policy provides, in part, that all discoveries and/or inventions, patentable or not patentable, which are made or conceived of while the inventor is a student at the university with substantial use of university facilities, or are made with funds provided by or through the university (including research funds), are the property of the University. The policy protects and offers substantial benefits to the inventor, while simultaneously protecting the University’s interests in the invention. Students and faculty members are expected to be familiar with their rights and obligations under the University Intellectual Property Policy and to promptly report any inventions as outlined in the Policy. Please be aware that the University Intellectual Property Policy is subject to revision at any time, and the most current version of the policy will be available online.  The Intellectual Property Policy is found in the Faculty Handbook Section 4.23.   Students who make an invention or discovery which is covered under the stated conditions should contact the Intellectual Property Management Office at (405) 271-7725 or via e-mail at

1.27 - Discrimination Policy

The University has a policy of internal adjudication in matters relating to alleged discrimination. Any faculty member, staff member, or student, including those on temporary or part-time status, who believes that he or she has been discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability or status as a veteran should file a complaint under the Grievance Procedure for Complaints Based Upon Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Consensual Sexual Relationships or Racial and Ethnic Harassment. Contact the Affirmative Action Office, OUHSC, Service Center Building, Room 113, (405) 271-2110 for additional information or you may visit the Equity Office web site.

1.28 - Reasonable Accommodation PolicyUpdated: 7/23/2024

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability unless such accommodation would pose an undue hardship, would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the service, program or activity or in undue financial or administrative burdens. The term "reasonable accommodation" is used in its general sense in this policy to apply to employees, students, and visitors. For more information on the Reasonable Accommodation Policy, please visit

1.29 - Release of Student Information and Access to Student Records

Information about students and former students gathered by the University of Oklahoma is of two types: (1) directory and (2) confidential. Any office gathering such information and/or having custody of it shall release it only in accordance with this policy. When a student enters a university and furnishes data required for academic and personal records, there is an implicit and justifiable assumption of trust placed in the university as custodian of such information. This relationship continues with regard to any data subsequently generated during the student's enrollment.

While the University fully acknowledges the student's rights of privacy concerning this information, it also recognizes that certain information is part of the public record and may be released for legitimate purposes. The following policies adopted by the University can be found at the Office of Admissions and Records Website under FERPA: Directory Information, Disclosure of Education Records, Record of Requests for Disclosure, Procedures to Inspect Education Records, Correction of Education Records, Limitations on Right of Access, Refusal to Provide Copies, Fees for Copies of Records, and the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

1.30 - Support of Students and Trainees by Companies

(Excerpted from the  Faculty Handbook Appendix E).

The progress and academic standing of students and trainees must never be compromised.  Employees supervising students and trainees must inform them in writing of the source(s) of their funding support, disposition of intellectual property, management of proprietary information, and handling of publication rights prior to assigning the students or trainees to a Research or training project supported by a Company.

A student’s academic program cannot be supported by a Company in which the supervising Employee has Equity, serves on a Board, or serves as an Operating Officer or Scientific Officer, unless specifically approved in writing by the Dean of the Graduate College and the Senior Vice President and Provost. If approved, support (e.g., stipends, tuition, salary, scholarships) for students and trainees provided by Companies must comply with all of the following provisions:

  1. The College department, program, or unit approves the recipient;
  2. The funds are provided to the University;
  3. The recipient is not subject to any implicit or explicit expectation of providing or foregoing something in return for the support; i.e., a “quid pro quo”; and
  4. The Company does not withhold or unreasonably limit publication of the student’s research.

University trainees and students may not be employed by any Company to conduct Research that overlaps with their University training or academic program. In addition, Graduate College policy does not allow a faculty member with supervisory responsibility for an Employee to serve as mentor for the same individual as a student; therefore, any proposed employment of a trainee or student by a Company to work on Company Research that does not overlap with their training or academic program in which the mentor has Equity, serves on a Board, or serves as an Operating Officer or Scientific Officer of the Company must be approved in advance by the Dean of the Graduate College and the Senior Vice President and Provost.

1.32 - Undergraduate Student Research Policy

OU Norman Students:

College Credit: OU Norman undergraduate students may enroll in coursework that allows independent research with an OUHSC faculty member through intercampus enrollment. Credit hours earned are dependent upon hours spent on the OUHSC campus with the mentor. OUHSC courses will be listed on the Norman Campus student’s transcript. Intercampus enrollment must be processed by the OU Norman Registrar’s Office.

Volunteer (No College Credit):

Undergraduate students from OU Norman may participate in experiential research with an OUHSC mentor. In this option the student does not enroll for credit for research experience. No tuition is charged by OUHSC and no college credit is earned. Student agrees to follow OUHSC and laboratory policies and procedures. Consult the Graduate College Research website for details.

Students from External Institutions:

College Credit: Undergraduate students from an accredited U.S. college or university must be accepted for enrollment as an OUHSC Graduate College Special Student to receive college credit for performing research with an OUHSC mentor. Student’s home institution must approve credit. Student is responsible for OUHSC tuition and fees.

Volunteer (No College Credit): Undergraduate students from an accredited U.S. college or university may participate in experiential research with an OUHSC mentor. In this option the student does not enroll for credit for research experience. No tuition is charged by OUHSC and no college credit is earned. Student agrees to follow OUHSC and laboratory policies and procedures. Consult the Graduate College Research website

1.33 - Other Policies and Procedures

Other University policies include the Smoking Policy, Teachers English Proficiency, Policy on Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use on Campus and in the Workplace, and Security. All policies are available in the Student Handbook.



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