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2.10 - Grades

2.10.1 - Course Credit in the Graduate College

Course work taken at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center which is to be applied toward fulfilling requirements for a graduate degree must be approved for graduate credit and recommended by the Advisory Committee.

2.10.2 - Grades of A, B, C, D, and F

The grades A, B, C, D, and F are used in computing grade point averages. In the Graduate College the grades of A, B, C, and S are the only passing or satisfactory grades, and the grades of D, F and U are failing. Students who receive a D, F or U grade in a required course must register for the required course the next time it is offered. In such re-enrollment, both grades will be shown on the student's academic record and both will be included in the grade point average calculation. Any student presenting credit from another institution for a course previously failed at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center shall not receive credit for such courses except through validation by the department in which the course was originally failed and approval by the Graduate Dean. It is the prerogative of each college and/or department to establish grade requirements above the Graduate College minimum.

2.10.3 - Grades of S and U

The grade of S (satisfactory) is a neutral passing grade. The grade of U (unsatisfactory) is used to indicate that no credit will be given for the course. These grades may be used for seminar courses provided they are taught on a non-competitive basis and all students in the class are graded on this basis. The S grade is the only passing grade accepted for special problem courses, individual research, and directed reading courses. Instructors and mentors are expected to notify the student of an impending U grade and plan remedial action well before the end of the semester. The S grade may not be used for lecture courses except with the expressed approval of the Graduate Dean.

2.10.4 - Grade of I

The grade of I (incomplete) is a neutral grade. It is not an alternative to an earned letter grade, but is intended as a temporary grade to be used for a student who, for reasons satisfactory to the instructor, is unable to complete certain identifiable requirements of a course and who cannot be assigned any other grade. Typical instances might be absence from a final examination due to illness or inability to submit a term project due to extenuating circumstances. "Incomplete" is not an acceptable explanation of the I grade.

The instructor will indicate to the student what must be done to complete the course, will set a time limit appropriate to the circumstances and will define the grade to be assigned. 

If by the end of one year no change in grade has been submitted, the grade of I will become permanent on the student's record. After a grade of I has become permanent, the student may re-enroll in the course. Credit for courses in which a student has received an I at the University of Oklahoma cannot be completed at or transferred from another institution. If the student graduates with a grade of I on the record, it becomes permanent.

2.10.5 - Grades of X, S, and U for Enrollment in Thesis and Dissertation Research

The grade of X is a neutral conditional grade and indicates that satisfactory progress is being made on thesis and dissertation research courses 5980 and 6980. It is a complete grade when the final entry is either Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U), indicating either acceptance or rejection of the thesis or dissertation. An intermediate grade of U indicating unsatisfactory progress in thesis or dissertation research may be given if circumstances warrant. The grade of X is included in hours attempted and hours earned.

2.10.6 - Grade of W

Students withdrawing from all courses in the first two weeks of class (the first week of a summer session) receive a W in each course of enrollment. For complete withdrawals occurring after the second week of class (first week of summer session), the instructor will assign a grade of W or F for each course.

Students withdrawing from one or more courses but not all courses in the first two weeks of class (first week of summer) no grade is recorded; from the third week through the sixth week of class (second and third week of summer) a W will be assigned to each dropped course. From the seventh through 10th week (fourth and fifth week of summer) the instructor of each course dropped will assign a W or F. Beginning with the 11th week of class (sixth week of the summer session) through the last day of classes courses may be dropped only by direct petition to the Dean of the college under which the course is taught. Students who drop a course with permission of the Dean will receive a final grade of W or F at the discretion of the instructor of the course dropped.

2.10.7 - Repeat Coursework

Students cannot repeat course work in which they have received a passing grade (A,B,C, or S). Exceptions can be made for student's receiving a C grade if the program requires a grade of A or B in a specific course. A request from the program must be approved by the Graduate Dean. Both the original grade and the repeat grade will be included in the calculation of the graduate GPA.

2.10.8 - Transfer Credit

The acceptance of transfer credit from another institution for a graduate degree program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is determined in accordance with the criteria as outlined in the Master's, Doctoral and Certificate Programs section of this bulletin.

2.10.9 - Grade Point System

Each hour of A, B, C, D, and F carries a grade point value as follows: A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 and F-0. Grades of S, I, X, U, and W carry no grade point value and are not included in the computation of a student's semester or cumulative grade point average.

2.10.10 - Correcting Grades Reported in Error

The instructor initiates the change by filing a Faculty Request for Grade Change form with the Office of Admissions and Records through the college under which the course was taught.

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