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2.10.6 - Grade of W

Students withdrawing from all courses in the first two weeks of class (the first week of a summer session) receive a W in each course of enrollment. For complete withdrawals occurring after the second week of class (first week of summer session), the instructor will assign a grade of W or F for each course.

Students withdrawing from one or more courses but not all courses in the first two weeks of class (first week of summer) no grade is recorded; from the third week through the sixth week of class (second and third week of summer) a W will be assigned to each dropped course. From the seventh through 10th week (fourth and fifth week of summer) the instructor of each course dropped will assign a W or F. Beginning with the 11th week of class (sixth week of the summer session) through the last day of classes courses may be dropped only by direct petition to the Dean of the college under which the course is taught. Students who drop a course with permission of the Dean will receive a final grade of W or F at the discretion of the instructor of the course dropped.

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