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2.10.4 - Grade of I

The grade of I (incomplete) is a neutral grade. It is not an alternative to an earned letter grade, but is intended as a temporary grade to be used for a student who, for reasons satisfactory to the instructor, is unable to complete certain identifiable requirements of a course and who cannot be assigned any other grade. Typical instances might be absence from a final examination due to illness or inability to submit a term project due to extenuating circumstances. "Incomplete" is not an acceptable explanation of the I grade.

The instructor will indicate to the student what must be done to complete the course, will set a time limit appropriate to the circumstances and will define the grade to be assigned. 

If by the end of one year no change in grade has been submitted, the grade of I will become permanent on the student's record. After a grade of I has become permanent, the student may re-enroll in the course. Credit for courses in which a student has received an I at the University of Oklahoma cannot be completed at or transferred from another institution. If the student graduates with a grade of I on the record, it becomes permanent.

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