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2.9.7 - Auditor

Audit enrollment is for non-credit and used by students who want to take a class for information, not to count toward a degree. Students enrolling as an auditor must meet guidelines as outlined below. Enrollment as an auditor is permitted in all courses, subject to the approval of the instructor(s) and the Dean of the college in which the course(s) is offered. Enrollment as an auditor must be completed by the last day of enrollment in any term.

Enrollment as an auditor is indicated with an "AU" or "W" grade on the student's permanent academic record and no credit/clock hour values designated. Fee charges and refund policies for audit enrollments are the same as for credit enrollments. Students enrolled "exclusively" as auditors may withdraw only during the fee refund period and the enrollment will be canceled. No entry will be made on a permanent academic record.

In accepting a student as an auditor, it becomes the responsibility of the instructor to make clear to the student the instructor's requirements for the audit enrollment. For example, if the student is to attend regularly, to participate in specific class exercises, perform experiments, take tests, etc., this must be relayed to the student at the time permission is given to enroll as an auditor. Satisfactory completion of the audit enrollment is identified as an "AU" grade. An instructor, at his/her discretion, may assign a "W" grade to an auditor who, in the instructor's opinion, did not perform according to the specific requirements as identified at the time of enrollment.

Students enrolled exclusively as an auditor may change their enrollment to "credit," providing the student gains admission to the university during the first two weeks of classes of a semester or the first week of classes of a summer session with the approval of the instructor(s) and appropriate college Dean.

A change of enrollment from "credit" to "audit" may be made no later than the end of the sixth week of classes of a semester or the end of the third week of classes of a summer session, providing the student is passing and receives the approval of the instructor and the appropriate Dean. A change of enrollment to audit supersedes the original enrollment for credit, and no withdrawal from the credit enrollment is posted to the student's permanent record. For more information, contact Admissions and Records, LIB 121 or (405) 271-2359.

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