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1.24 - Human Subjects in Research

Updated: 7/23/2024

All research involving human subjects or the use of data generated via human subjects research must be reviewed and approved by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to subject recruitment and data collection. All human subject research to be performed by faculty, staff, or students of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences must be reviewed by the IRB. The IRB’s primary roles are to determine if the rights and welfare of human subjects who volunteer to participate in research studies are adequately protected and ensure that adequate informed consent procedures are used. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences policy for the protection of human subjects in research activities and IRB application materials can be accessed at the IRB web site. If you have questions about compliance or the IRB approval process, you may contact the Office of Human Research Participant Protection at (405) 271-2045 e-mail

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