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1.29 - Release of Student Information and Access to Student Records

Information about students and former students gathered by the University of Oklahoma is of two types: (1) directory and (2) confidential. Any office gathering such information and/or having custody of it shall release it only in accordance with this policy. When a student enters a university and furnishes data required for academic and personal records, there is an implicit and justifiable assumption of trust placed in the university as custodian of such information. This relationship continues with regard to any data subsequently generated during the student's enrollment.

While the University fully acknowledges the student's rights of privacy concerning this information, it also recognizes that certain information is part of the public record and may be released for legitimate purposes. The following policies adopted by the University can be found at the Office of Admissions and Records Website under FERPA: Directory Information, Disclosure of Education Records, Record of Requests for Disclosure, Procedures to Inspect Education Records, Correction of Education Records, Limitations on Right of Access, Refusal to Provide Copies, Fees for Copies of Records, and the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

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