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3.1 - Master of Science Degree (MS)

The Master of Science (MS) degree is awarded in recognition of the successful completion of substantial post-baccalaureate study in a chosen field.

The master's degree requires the equivalent of no less than two semesters of satisfactory graduate work and such additional work as may be prescribed for the degree by the major department. The requirement for a thesis is determined by the department offering the degree. The thesis program consists of at least 30 credit hours, with no more than six semester hours for Research for Master's Thesis (course 5980) included in the 30 hours. The non-thesis program consists of at least 32 hours and a comprehensive examination. Students should consult specific departmental requirements found elsewhere in this bulletin. Credit hours previously presented and counted for one master's degree may not be applied toward satisfying the requirements of a second master's degree, with the exception of approved dual-degree programs.

When permitted by program policy, students who do not hold the master's degree in the doctoral field, have passed the General Examination for the doctoral degree, and do not plan to continue the doctoral program, may be awarded the appropriate master's degree provided they make formal application for the master's degree upon passing the General Examination, meet all program requirements, and secure the recommendation of the major department and approval of the Graduate Dean.

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