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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Graduate College Bulletin

2.3 - Graduate Program Directors 2021-2022


  • Elizabeth S. Hile, PhD, Allied Health Sciences (PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Susan Sisson, PhD, Allied Health Sciences (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Karla Rodgers, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Shannon Conley, PhD, Cell Biology
  • Jennifer Peck, PhD, Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Sara Vesely, PhD, Clinical and Translational Science
  • Andrew John, PhD, Communication Science and Disorders
  • Erin Youngs, MS, Genetic Counseling
  • Eric Howard, PhD, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
  • Neil Hann, MPH, CHES, Health Promotion Sciences
  • Margaret Phillips, PhD, OEH-Industrial Hygiene
  • Molly Hill, PhD, Microbiology and Immunology
  • David Sherry, PhD, Neuroscience
  • Zachary A. Smith, PhD, Neuroscience
  • Barbara Carlson, RN, PhD, Nursing
  • Emily Jones, PhD, Nursing
  • Margaret Phillips, PhD, Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Stephen McCullough, DDS, MS, Orthodontics
  • Xixi Wu, DDS, PhD, MS, Periodontics
  • Zhizhuang Zhao, PhD, Pathology
  • Nathan Shankar, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Hui-Ying Lim, PhD, Physiology
  • Andrei Belousov, PhD, Physiology
  • Jagadeesh Sonnad, PhD, Radiological Sciences

2.3.1 - Graduate Council 2021-2022

  • H. Anne Pereira, PhD, Graduate College Dean and President
  • Andrew John, PhD, Allied Health
  • Hongwu Wang, PhD, Allied Health
  • Margaret Bourlon, GSA
  • Emily Jones, PhD, Nursing
  • Barbara Carlson, PhD, Nursing
  • Sharukh Khajotia, BDS, MS, PhD, Dentistry
  • Vibhuti Agrahari, PhD, Pharmacy
  • Mike Ihnat, PhD, Pharmacy
  • Tabitha Garwe, PhD, Public Health
  • Daniel Zhao, PhD, Public Health
  • Karla Rodgers, PhD, Medicine
  • Shannon Conley, PhD, Medicine
  • Molly Hill, PhD, Medicine
  • Dean Myers, PhD, Medicine
  • Eric Howard, PhD, Medicine
  • Gillian Air, PhD, Graduate College, ad hoc
  • Amy Tucker, PhD, Graduate College, ad hoc
  • Pending, PhD, ad hoc (CRC)
  • Lourdes Planas, PhD, ad hoc (GFAC)
  • Catina Jordan, Graduate College (Administrative Support)

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