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1.26 - Patent Policy

The University of Oklahoma Intellectual Property Policy governs the ownership of certain inventions made by University students, staff, and/or faculty members. The policy provides, in part, that all discoveries and/or inventions, patentable or not patentable, which are made or conceived of while the inventor is a student at the university with substantial use of university facilities, or are made with funds provided by or through the university (including research funds), are the property of the University. The policy protects and offers substantial benefits to the inventor, while simultaneously protecting the University’s interests in the invention. Students and faculty members are expected to be familiar with their rights and obligations under the University Intellectual Property Policy and to promptly report any inventions as outlined in the Policy. Please be aware that the University Intellectual Property Policy is subject to revision at any time, and the most current version of the policy will be available online.  The Intellectual Property Policy is found in the Faculty Handbook Section 4.23.   Students who make an invention or discovery which is covered under the stated conditions should contact the Intellectual Property Management Office at (405) 271-7725 or via e-mail at

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