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3.5.1 - Transfer Credit for Master's Degrees

The acceptance of transfer credit from another institution for a master's degree at OUHSC is determined in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. A maximum of 25% of the minimum number of credit hours required for the master's degree may be transferred from other institutions. Eight transfer hours may be accepted in a 30-hour program.
  2. An exception to the 25% limit on transfer credit is made for courses taken from an accredited institution through electronic media approved in advance by the department and Graduate College. Residence credit is granted for graduate level coursework taken via electronic media when taught by a member of the University of Oklahoma graduate faculty. A student working toward a graduate degree may be permitted to apply credit earned from other accredited institutions via electronic media in an amount not to exceed 50% of his/her total degree program. In no instance can the total number of credit hours transferred including electronic media, exceed 50% of the degree program.
  3. The coursework transferred must represent valid graduate credit earned in graduate level courses from an accredited college or university. Credit earned by advanced standing will not apply toward a graduate degree.
  4. The credit must carry a grade of A, B, or S.
  5. The credit must be applicable to the degree program.
  6. The transfer credit must not be more than six years old at the time of admission to the degree program. In special cases, credit more than six years old may be transferred if recommended and validated by the program and approved by the Graduate Dean. The departmental procedures to validate the student's current knowledge and competency must have the approval of the Graduate Dean.
  7. Credit from a professional degree program such as the MD, DDS or DVM may be applied toward a graduate degree as transfer credit, provided that such courses carry a grade of A, B, or S and have been approved for graduate credit by the academic institution of origin.
  8. Graduate coursework completed at OU Norman and OU Tulsa is considered residence credit. Upon approval of the department and the Graduate Dean, these hours may be used without limitation as credit toward a master's degree.
  9. Credit hours previously presented and counted for one master's degree or certificate may not be applied toward satisfying the requirements of a second master's degree or certificate with the exception of approved dual degree programs.
  10. All transfer coursework must be approved by the department and the Graduate Dean. Departments with transfer rules more stringent than those listed in this section shall take precedence and will be listed in the programs section of this bulletin
  11. Transfer credit is considered neutral in computing the University of Oklahoma grade point average for the purpose of determining academic status, probation, and graduation.

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