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3.5.6 - Continuous Enrollment Requirements for 5980

Initial enrollment in 5980, Research for Master's Thesis, must be for at least two hours. Subsequently, each graduate student must maintain continuous enrollment during each semester in at least two hours of 5980 until the requirements for the degree are completed or candidacy for the degree is terminated. Enrollment in 5980 during the summer session is required if work is being done on the thesis.

The continuous enrollment requirement will be waived for a student who is not working on the thesis but enrolled in full-time coursework. However, if thesis work is being done, a student must enroll in 5980 regardless of the number of other hours of enrollment. Exceptions to the continuous enrollment requirement will be considered on an individual basis by petition to the Graduate Dean.

The faculty advisor will determine the number of 5980 credit hours for each enrollment on the basis of the amount of faculty and University services and resources required by the individual student, but each enrollment will be for two or more hours. A student working full time on the thesis and using University facilities should be enrolled as a full-time student during regular semesters and the summer session. See the Enrollment section in this bulletin for information on full-time enrollment requirements. Such enrollments must be completed during the regular registration period.

An enrollment of less than full time requires the signature of the student's major department chairperson as well as the faculty advisor.

A graduate student who does not comply or has not complied with the enrollment provisions above must enroll during the semester in which graduation is expected in the exact number of hours of 5980 that would have been completed under continuous enrollment. In addition, a late enrollment fee must be paid for each of those semesters. The Graduate College and the Office of Admissions and Records shall determine the number of hours of 5980 in which the student must enroll during the final semester of the degree program.

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