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4.11.4 - Depositing a Dissertation in the Library

Students must submit their dissertation in electronic format to the Graduate College through the OUHSC ProQuest Administrator.  A paper copy of the thesis signature page containing original signatures of the thesis committee or digital signatures of the thesis committee must be submitted to the Graduate College.   All Dissertation Committee members must sign the signature page or submit a written dissent to the Graduate College.  The written dissent must be submitted at the time of the final signed signature page to the Graduate College.

After approval by the Graduate College and the student’s mentor, the final copy is uploaded to the OUHSC University Library through the ProQuest database. 

The final copy of the dissertation must be delivered to the Graduate College within 60 calendar days of the oral defense. Students planning to graduate in a particular semester must meet specific academic deadlines and may not have 60 calendar days available. University graduate deadlines are listed in the OUHSC Academic calendar. See Graduation Deadlines Section 4.12.

Failure to submit the final copy within 60 days will cause the results of the defense to be set aside, whereupon the student must offer the Graduate College a new reading copy of the dissertation that carries preliminary approval of the major professor. When the committee has accepted this new reading copy, the student may schedule the defense of the dissertation, according to the policies and procedures defined above.

It is essential that all dissertation candidates make themselves responsible for the complete and accurate collation of their materials before turning them in to the Graduate College. If utilizing copyrighted material in the dissertation, students must obtain permission from the holder of the copyright for such reproduction; without permission, the author of the dissertation is liable to prosecution once the dissertation has been made a published document. The student and mentor must sign and submit the form “Permission to use Published Materials in Dissertation/Thesis”.

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