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2.7.2 - Probationary Admission

An applicant who does not meet the minimum grade point requirements for admission in full standing, may be considered for probationary admission to a degree program. Probationary admission to the degree program requires the recommendation of the department or program unit and approval of the Graduate Dean. When the student has completed the terms of the probationary admission, the student will be classified as full standing in the degree program.

Admission of an applicant with a grade point average less than a 3.00 (2.75-2.99) may be made only in an unusual case. In such cases, admission will depend heavily on other indicators of the applicant's ability to do successful graduate level work. These indicators might include but are not limited to a strong performance on standardized tests, a high grade point average in the major, and/or subsequent experiences that clearly indicate strong academic ability.

A student admitted with a grade point average less than 3.00 must earn at least a 3.00 grade point average in the initial 9 hours of graded graduate course work. The 9 hours must be courses required for the degree. It is expected these courses will be completed within one calendar year following initial enrollment.

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