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3.4 - Special Master's Degree Program

Because departmental majors do not always provide for the needs of students desiring unusual training or combinations of courses, consideration will be given to proposals for special programs of study leading to the master's degree. The guidelines given below must be followed in implementing this degree program:

  1. The student must be admitted in full standing to a graduate program authorized by the State Regents to award a master's degree.
  2. The student must submit to the Graduate Dean a written request for approval of a special program prior to the completion of the first 12 graduate hours of enrollment. The request must include: (a) a two-page rationale for the program; (b) a proposed degree designation; (c) proposed courses; and (d) a proposed thesis topic, if the thesis option is chosen. This request must be signed by three graduate faculty members who agree to serve as the student's Advisory Committee. The request will be referred to the Graduate Council.
  3. If the proposal is approved by the Graduate Council, the statement submitted under (2) above will constitute the student's program of study. Request for changes must be submitted to the Graduate Dean.
  4. The student's Advisory Committee will designate one of its members to be the major professor who will supervise the student in the program and chair the committee. The major field usually will be  the program of the major professor and must be an area in which the University is authorized to award the master's degree.
  5. The degree designation and the transcript will reflect the student's major field.
  6. The Advisory Committee will be responsible for administering the comprehensive examination or approving the thesis, if the thesis option is chosen.

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