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5.17 - Periodontics

College of Dentistry


1201 N. Stonewall Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73190
(405) 271-6531

Tracey Whitley, DDS, MS, Division Head of Periodontics

Xixi Wu, DDS, MS, PhD Interim Program Director


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Certificate in Periodontics and Master of Science




The Master of Science in Periodontics is a three-year program, fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).  The overall objective of the program is to graduate expert periodontists with a strong background of comprehensive clinical experience, current basic science knowledge relevant to dentistry and periodontics, and knowledge and experience of research methodology.  Graduates of the program are well equipped for successful careers in clinical practice, dental education, and research.  Successful completion of the 36-month program leads to the Master of Science degree awarded by the OUHSC Graduate College.


All students in the Graduate Periodontics Program must hold a dental degree. Admission in full standing requires a letter from the dean of the dental school from which the dental degree was awarded. This letter must include the class rank and dental school grade point average of the applicant or explain their school grading system. Two additional letters of recommendation are desired; at least two of these letters should be from former faculty. A personal interview may be requested of applicants.  Students begin the 36-month program in July of each year. Deadline for application is August 15, of the year preceding desired admission.  All students must be approved for admission by the Dean of the Graduate College, upon recommendation of the program director.


The curriculum of the program is designed to meet the formal educational requirements for eligibility to take the certification examination of the American Board of Periodontology.  The program has an emphasis on advanced level academic courses, clinical patient care, and research. In addition to the biological, medical and dental courses, a significant emphasis is placed on clinical patient care, including evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment planning, a variety of treatment modalities, and maintenance therapy for complex periodontal cases.  The clinical and research experience in this graduate program is advanced and sophisticated in nature to qualify the graduate student to perform complicated procedures that are beyond the scope of general practitioners.  In addition to completing all course work, successful completion of the program requires a research-based thesis in order to receive the Master of Science degree.


Graduates of the Advanced Education in Periodontics program are prepared to enter careers in clinical practice, teaching and research and are eligible to take the American Board of Periodontology certification examination.

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